The 2007 nesting season was a bad one for loggerhead sea turtles all over Florida. In Pinellas County, where my family and I like to spend our vacation, there were only 38 nests all last year. This is bad news, as Florida is one of the two most important for loggerhead turtles worldwide. So folks at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium were holding their collective breaths for this year’s nesting season. Thankfully, it looks a lot better this year.

You can track nests at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s web site. With the nesting season winding down, so far there have been 107 nests! There’s no information on what species the hatchlings are, but past history shows that almost all of them are loggerheads – a few are greens.

By the way, of the five nests I found on my nest quest, all five have now hatched, with 374 baby turtles in all. Only about one in a thousand baby turtles survive to adulthood, but my thoughts are with them. Good luck, babies!