I don’t intend on writing about COSI much here, but COSI will undoubtedly slip in occasionally. Today at COSI I was teaching our radio demonstration. After going through the three pieces of the demo, each more spectacular than the last, I got to the end and said, “You’ve just discovered the invisible!” The little girl’s face lit up, the kind of expression that is unmistakable, but that I don’t know how to measure on any standardized test.

That little girl may not have learned much about radio waves today. She may not remember what the demonstration was about. It may not ever help her pass one of these crazy No Child Left Inspired standardized tests. But I believe this. I believe that in that moment, that child loved science. She loved what she was experiencing, she loved the world, she loved being alive. Maybe tomorrow that experience will be all gone from her mind. Or maybe, just maybe, I made a scientist today.

Either way, for that moment, she and I saw eye to eye. For that moment, we both agreed that science is, in every sense of the word, wonderful.