Dancing with the Stars. American Idol. Barack Obama. Lindsay Lohan. These are the things people are interested in.

How carbon forms inside giant, dying stars, and how that carbon comes to know itself, that, not so much. I’m a Jeopardy guy in a Wheel of Fortune World.

OK, now I’ve loaded up this blog entry with search terms that maybe will get me some action. Clever, aren’t I? Or not.

I received a discouraging e-mail from my editor today. It seems that the utter failure of The Turtle and the Universe makes it less likely that any other books I ever write will ever get published. That’s right, everyone in the world who has never published a book has just jumped ahead of me on the list of marketable authors.

Funny that if I write a book bad enough to not get published I can just start over, but if I write a book just bad enough to get published and then do horribly, I am saddled forever. Yes, I shot the albatross.

Oops, that reference will not do well with those readers who got here because they searched for Lindsay Lohan. Sorry.