I shouldn’t write about this. It has nothing to do with science and wonder. I’m doing it anyway.

Some fool in the House of Representatives who doesn’t know the difference between global warming and changing seasons (and yet, amazingly, is on the Science Committee!) said something stupid about rape.

I don’t care about that.

What I care about is that smarmy right wing politicians trying to attract supposed moderate voters ran away from his statement in droves. Consider . . .

If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, the new enlightened view of the kinder, gentler right wing says she should be allowed an abortion. On the other hand, if a woman is careless, or unlucky, and becomes pregnant, that woman must carry her baby to term. Why?

If you believe that God is there at conception, then you believe that God allows and even uses the rape to create life. That’s disgusting.

If you don’t believe that God is there at conception, then the collection of microscopic cells has no soul, and so destroying it shouldn’t bother you.

So is God around when the condom breaks, but not when a rape is committed?

Which is it? Is an embryo a soul, or isn’t it?

We all know what’s really going on here. The anti-abortion movement isn’t about saving souls. The rape exception proves that. It’s about controlling behavior. The right wing doesn’t want women having sex. If they do have sex, the right wing wants to punish them. How? By making them have a baby! Brilliant!

If you’re raped, according to these new right-wingers, you don’t deserve punishment. If the condom breaks, you do. That’s the mentality of those who want to run the country.

OK, I’m done with politics now.