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My new book is now available as an ebook at Barnes and Noble. From the website:

Atoms and Eve is a story of discovery. Born in 19th century America, Eve Dalrymple wants to know everything. She struggles to find her way in the male-dominated field of nuclear physics, but thrills to the amazing discoveries she and her colleagues make about the nature of the atom. Those discoveries will ultimately lead Eve, her heroes, and her colleagues to the most difficult and dangerous moral dilemmas the world has ever faced. Through Eve, we experience the wonders of the hidden, beautiful, and perilous world of the atom.

The cost of the ebook is $1.00. After the ringing success of The Turtle and the Universe (whose title was swiftly changed to “half off” I think), no publisher wanted to commit paper and ink to another effort. After much thought, I decided to go the self-publishing route.

If you don’t have a nook reader, no worries, you can download the free nook reader app for use on your computer or mobile device:

For my COSI friends out there, you’ll recognize that Eve’s story is inspired by the Electric Workshop in Progress. Yes, I changed the spelling of “Dalyrimple” and I changed Eliza to Eve so as to make a weak joke. But I think you’ll enjoy the story behind all those crazy electric machines.

I’d love to know what you think of Atoms and Eve.

My first book, called The Turtle and the Universe, was published by Prometheus Books in July 2008. You can read about it by clicking on the link above.
My second book, Atoms and Eve, is available as an e-book at Barnes and Noble. Click the link above. You can download the free nook e-reader by clicking the link below.
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