Well, it’s over. The Mueller Report is an unmitigated disaster, an own goal that will put Donald Trump back in the White House in 2020. Sure, there are still those true believers out there demanding to see the full report, instead of Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General’s interpretation of it. Maybe these people have a case to make, but at this point they’re just shouting into the wind.

None of this changes the basic facts, of course. The Russians saw in Trump a man they could manipulate, flatter, and bribe into giving them whatever they want. They set about breaking our laws to help Trump win. And the evidence shows they weren’t shy about letting Trump know their intentions. Why would they be?

And the Trump campaign knew. Papadopoulos knew. Trump Jr, Kushner, and Manafort knew. Carter Page knew. Roger Stone knew. KT McFarland knew. And Michael Flynn knew, when he reassured the Russians that sanctions relief was, indeed, coming.

Knowing all this, Trump and his minions denied, obfuscated, and blocked at every turn any revelation that the Russians were, in fact, interfering in the election on Trump’s behalf. Then, when Flynn got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Trump (knowing full well that Flynn was acting anything-but-alone) called on his FBI head to lay off. When Comey wouldn’t lay off, Trump fired him. But all that’s just fine.

I’ve never been a big supporter of the idea that the Russians are directly responsible for Trump. Frankly, the American people are plenty capable of electing a narcissistic racist ignoramus all on their own. After all, the American people are generally big and stupid, and as JK Rowling said of Dudley Dursley, as Trump is “the biggest and stupidest of the lot, he (i)s the leader.” But whether or not the Russians thumbed the scale, they certainly got what they wanted. Shouldn’t that fact alone give us pause?

Regardless what you think of the Mueller travesty, you can’t look at this man in the White House without recognizing he is anti-science, practically illiterate, ignorant of history, immoral, utterly incompetent, and the most unqualified person ever to hold the office. So yeah, great choice, America.

If you thought Trump’s first term was a dumpster fire, just wait til you get a load of his second.